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Welcome fo find_dragonage

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Sep. 16th, 2011 | 03:49 pm
mood: cheerful
posted by: lucre_noin in find_dragonage

This is a community about all Dragon Age games: Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins- Awakening, Dragon Age 2 and the DLC.

Need help finding a story you read some time ago and you can't find anymore? You watched a Dragon Age video but now it disappeared?

This community was created to help fans find Dragon Age related fanfictions, fanarts or video they lost.

Joining the community you will be able to post the description of the video/fanfic/fanart/site you are looking for as long as it is Dragon Age related.

1. Be kind to each other.
2. Please, put the topic of your search in the subject line.
3. Use the tags to search and to tag your post. If you need more tags you can ask for them in the TAG POST. (How to tag a post with livejournal)
4. Please put your request behind an lj-cut if there are any major spoilers for the games and the fanfictions you are looking for. (How to use cuts with livejournal)
5. Please search the tags to see if your request has already been answered before posting.
6. You can post more requests in the same post.

About the fanfictions: You can both look for a specific story (with the tag !specific story) or just want some recs (!recs).
Some examples of posting and tagging.

Looking for a specific story:
Hello, I am looking for a story I've lost. I just remember it was about Leliana adopting a kitten.
Tags: dragon age origins, - kittens, genre: fluff, character: leliana, !specific story

Looking for recs:
Hello, I'd love to read some fanfictions about Andraste and her life.
Tags: character: andraste, !recs

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